The Hidden Advantages of Using Ultrasonic Scalers

Around the 1960’s, it became evident that the dental bacteria (also known as Biofilm) was the main agent causing periodontal or gum disease. Scaling refers to the technique of removing the hard deposits that are accumulated on an individual’s teeth, resulting in periodontal diseases. Till that time, hand scaling instruments were in more widespread use than the ultrasonic scalers. The use of the ultrasonic or power scalers became popular in the late 1950s after it became clear that the instruments could remove hard deposits from an individual’s teeth.

Functioning of the Ultrasonic Scalers

The ultrasonic scalers are known to operate at quite a low frequency ranging from 3,000 to 8,000 cycles per second. This is the number of times the tip of the instrument comes in touch with the tooth to be cleansed. The tip of the instrument generally moves in a so-called elliptical motion. The hand piece uses either piezo-electric or magnetostrictive technology.

Infallible Advantages of Ultrasonic Scalers

The use of the power scalers has shown dramatic improvements in the fields of periodontal debridement as well as supragingival scaling. The infallible set of advantages that the instruments offer can be listed as the following:

  • Better penetration of the power scalers into the periodontal pockets because of the tips that are specially designed.
  • Much less or almost negligible fatigue of the wrist and hand due to the light touch essential to direct the tip of the scaler along the surface of the tooth.
  • Much less time for treatment required, leading to more time for the education of patients or placement procedures of the chemotherapeutic agents.
  • More effective as well as efficient plaque removal from the tooth due to power instrumentation.
  • Promotes total elimination of plaque from tooth.
  • Less or almost negligible tissue trauma because of no sharp-cut edges owing to the smaller tips.
  • Very kind to the structure of tooth especially when used for repeated cleaning sessions.
  • Non-tedious stain removal procedure due to power instrumentation.
  • Very less or almost negligible chances of injuries to the operator.
  • Patients experience an increased level of comfort during the entire procedure.

The drastically changing pace of technology has revolutionized the complete periodontal therapy. This has taken place with the integration of several power scaling procedures that have resulted in an enhanced clinical outcome, patient comfort as well as reduced physical stress on clinicians.