Retaining Dental Patients

Despite being a good professional dentist, you might end up losing patients due to poor handling by your team. Most commonly it is witnessed that proficient dental practices invest a great amount of time as well as money into recruiting new patients but then eventually let the patients walk away. Following the latest studies on dental practices, it can be stated that the rate of patient retention is about 50%.  However, it is important that you retain your dental patients to the best extent possible.

Significant Tips for Dental Patient Retention

It is important that you make your dental patients come back to you for your services. The following major tips may be of great help in this regard:

  • Convince patients to make advanced appointments- While a patient is at your office for service, you can be wise enough to ask when they would like the next appointment to be conducted and accordingly schedule an advanced appointment (keeping the convenient date and time of the patient in mind).
  • Give appointment reminders- The chance of no-shows leaves a negative impact on most dental practices. You can reduce the total number of no-shows by the patients by setting up appointment reminders for them. You can remind your patients about an upcoming appointment manually or with the help of automated devices.
  • Follow up with patients for their next appointments- However hard you and your employees try, there will still be a lot of people who will leave your office without making an advanced appointment. Always try to follow up with each and every patient to be sure that all of them have pre-booked appointments and the ones who haven’t can likely get one done then.
  • Show that you care- Make sure that the patients who haven’t come for follow ups in a long time and are slightly embarrassed in showing up again get the crux of your care totally. Reach out to these patients and express to them that all you care about is their oral health so that they start turning up again.

Apart from the above stated major tips to retain dental patients at your office, the following minor tips may be equally helpful as well:

  • Pay attention to customer service
  • Advertise and promote your service
  • Offer special deals on your service
  • Understand patients’ needs and act accordingly
  • Keep your service rates reasonable

Following the above mentioned tips will go a long way in making patient retention possible.