SBD Staff

The Role of Staff in Increasing Your Dentistry Practice Revenue

Before you can establish a successful career in dentistry, you must recruit a competent a team of staff members to ensure our practice thrives. Keeping a […]

Woman patient at the dentist.

Interpreting Expectations from Dental Patients

Dental treatment is actually the most invasive of common medical procedures. It is understandably uncomfortable for the patient to sit with a gaping mouth in glaring […]

sonic toothbrush

Using a Sonic Power Brush is an Excellent Decision

Sonic toothbrushes are surprisingly powerful with the ability to generate vibrations in the audible range. The range of oscillations is 200 to 400 Hz or about […]


Essential Home Care for Successful Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is a branch of dental practice focused on moving teeth which are crooked or do not fit together appropriately. The most common orthodontic treatments include […]


CHX -The Multispecialty All-Round Antiseptic in Dentistry

Chlorhexidine or CHX is undoubtedly one of the champions of dental antiseptics. The Chemical Auxiliary Substance (CAS) is widely used in dental practices, especially in orthodontics. […]