Stem cells

Amazing Potential of Dental Pulp Stem Cell Culture

Lately, medical science has begun exploring the potential of stem cells. These are specialized groups of cells found in the body by two broad categories: embryonic […]

Dentist with patient

Effective Communication with your Dental Patients

In the 21st century, being a dental professional is a very interesting and engaging job. However, the normal daily routine of your profession might become quite […]

dental tools

Instrument Sterilization in a Dental Practice

Dentistry is by default an invasive medical procedure of varying levels. The dentist has to probe or work inside the mouth of the patient. Proper instrument […]

Hand washing

Hand Hygiene and Alcohol Rubs

Maintaining adequate hand hygiene is the most basic requirement of any medical practice. Practical negligence to hand hygiene is potentially harmful for patients, dentists, and medical […]

Ultrasonic Scaler

The Hidden Advantages of Using Ultrasonic Scalers

Around the 1960’s, it became evident that the dental bacteria (also known as Biofilm) was the main agent causing periodontal or gum disease. Scaling refers to […]