Latest Trends in Dental Hygiene

To think of it, the very nature of ‘time’ is progressive. Time always advances! Trends evolve, things change and get better. The same is happening in […]

Woman patient at the dentist.

Retaining Dental Patients

Despite being a good professional dentist, you might end up losing patients due to poor handling by your team. Most commonly it is witnessed that proficient […]

post op patient

Postoperative Care for a Dental Patient

A little stiffness, swelling around the surgical area, pain and discomfort is expected after oral surgery is performed. Postoperative care is part of dental procedure, and […]


Latest Crown Lengthening Procedures for Aesthetics

Traditionally, crown lengthening has been a periodontal practice which doctors suggest for different treatment necessities. For example, a highly damaged tooth can be restored to a […]


Gloves in Dentistry

It is imperative to be very careful about using gloves in dentistry. In a medical practice where the doctor has to deal with body fluids such […]