About Us

Dental Implants, Denture Repair & Cosmetic Dentist in New Jersey

“Our patients are our partners & have knowledge that is essential to their care”

Welcome to our practice originally designed and built for Dr. Rich Grabowski and his wife Mary in the 60′s. It has been servicing its patients for over 50 years. Dr. Bruce Kerensky took over in 1982, after graduating Temple Dental School. Now, 29 years later Dr. Bruce Kerensky can offer you the experience and knowledge he’s obtained.

During your first visit we will concentrate on gathering as much information as is necessary for the doctor to diagnose and recommend required or elective procedures for you. Your medical history will be reviewed, all necessary x-rays taken and a complete intra and extra oral examination will be performed.

Your treatment plan is always tailored to your mouth, health, and lifestyle. We always take your concerns and desires seriously when selecting a course of treatment. Smiles By Design is always more than welcome to do a few simple procedures to build your confidence before we do more complicated work.

We all have our own levels of comfort and discomfort, especially when it comes to visiting the dentist. I try my best to identify, with your assistance, different things we can do to minimize your stress and discomfort, creating an all-around satisfying dental experience.

For example, in our office if you raise your left hand, we immediately stop. We will address your concerns, give you more analgesics, and if necessary reschedule at no charge. I don’t continue treatment if you are not physically and mentally prepared. We will never continue a procedure unless you feel 100% comfortable.